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Hybrid graphene

Printable & Wearable  Graphene Electronics
Electrode material for energy
Electric contact materials
Heat-sink & resistance materials 

Heat-dissipating material
Materials for nano inks
Barrier/coated material
Biomedical, Sensor
Graphene research

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Graphene Coated Al composite for casting

Used as Al casting material and additive 
SOFC cover 
Aircraft wing and body
Car body and interior

Vehicle pistons
Frame bar
Industrial air conditioning system 
Outdoor unit 
heat exchanger
Car air conditioner material
Train body and interior
Building wall, ceiling, roofing
Furniture cabinet
solar/machinery plate and cover
Insulation material 
shell and cover 
Medical products 
PS/CTP bottom plate 
Frozen container and 
Special container

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Al casting
Contact materials
Ink and Paste
Semiconductor devices
for air plane or medical
Anodes for lithium ion batteries

Protection primer
Anti-abrasion materials
High refractive materials
Anti-reflection materials
Hard coating
Anti-static materials 

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Conductive past / Ink / functional paint

Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE)
Heat element
Electrodes for SOFC for hydrogen vehicles
Materials for electric vehicles

Conductive Adhesive for high temperature
Conductive pen
High-frequency shield
Anti-static coating
FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Board)
Flexible Printed Board
(defoggers, seat occupancy sensors, seat heaters, etc.)
3D printed electronics
Automotive parts
Medical sensors
Functional fabric
Printed piezoresistive
Solar cell
Circuit repair

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