Functional Graphene with excellent dispersibility, electrical properties, and thermal conductivity characteristics produced by our hybrid method.
Hydra was developed to be easily applied to the required groups of graphene and activated carbon by holding a layer of carbon with hydrogen interposed between edges or layers with a difference in hydrogen content.
Hydra is constantly researching and developing and has more performance expectations.
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Form : Powder

Synthesis method : Hybrid method

Average flake thickness : ≤ 2 nm

Average X & Y Dimensions (㎛,D₅₀) : ≤ 5

True Density(g/cm³) : ≤ 2.20

Color : Black

Odor : Odorless

Content (Unit: at%)

C : ≥ 92

O : ≤ 5

N : -

S : - 0.05

H : ≤ 3

Recommended for use

Biomedical for use
Graphene research
Heat-sink and resistance materials
Electric contact materials
Printable & Wearable Graphene Electronics