UDNANO is a hybrid graphene-related brand of UD Co., Ltd., built with our own technology, and the UDNANO story began with the production of Hybrid graphene.
We design and produce graphene products that are substantially effective and highly applicable in the industry.
We pursue diversity of products and have technology to produce customized products that designed to fit clients’ use.
  • Graphene manufacturing begins

    Hybrid graphene Hi-puri and Hydra production with high dispersion and excellent conductivity through hydrogen treatment.

  • Excellent Graphene Composite Production

    Our graphene composites are producing in a variety of types, including metals and ceramics, Graphene coated composites, Graphene functionalized composites, Graphene riched composites.

  • Conductive Graphene Ink, Paste and Functional Paint Production

    Suitable products production for a wide range of viscosity, excellent conductivity, high-temperature usability and excellent Diffusion (spreadability) and the moderate drying conditions fitting for various business filed.

  • Graphene Aluminum Composite Production

    Hybrid graphene-aluminum comoposite for achieving the necessary functions as an aluminum alloy.